Live Squared Universal

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Live Squared Universal




The Idea

Live Squared Universal aims to help students in the industry of Arts, weather it be Music, Choreography, Painting, or Performing Arts. We Provide students with scholarships, tuition assistance, and seminars to further assist them with their aspirations of being great in their craft.

The Specifics

Live Squared Universal is a non - profit Organization aiming to assist students in the industry of arts. The proceeds of the GOOD Fund Challenge will go to our fundraising and eventually to a lucky student who wins our scholarship.

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Im Rick Tunstall and i approve this message.

by ricktunstalljr
about 2 years ago | Reply

Every Vote is greatly appreciated!

by Quelive
about 2 years ago | Reply

Join the positive movement and VOTE!!!

by Elsie
about 2 years ago | Reply

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Submission Began
Wednesday, February 15

Submission Ended
Thursday, March 15
at 12:00 PM PDT

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Voting Began
Thursday, March 15

Voting Ended
Thursday, March 29
at 12:00 PM PDT

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Artists For Local Agriculture
Artists For Local Agriculture

Winner Announced
Thursday, March 29

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