Taste of the Valley/Murrieta Jazz Fest Keeping School Music Programs In Tune in Murrieta, CA

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The Idea


The three high schools band programs in city of Murrieta, California are holding a Music Festival with food and wine tasting on May 20th. The music programs are completely booster funded. The bands are the pride of a community. All proceeds will go to instrumental music programs in Murrieta USD.

The Specifics

The first Taste of the Valley Murrieta Jazz Fest was held in May 2011 and was a big hit with the community. Local restaurants donated samples of their food and professional musicians and band students entertained the crowds. Ticket sales were good and patrons were able to sample tasty bites. Most are on board again this year with addition of local wineries. The problem is in order to comply with health codes we have to rent a HUGE TENT to house the food. This eats a huge amount of the proceeds that would otherwise go to pay for equipment, specialized coaching, music, transportation, and many other needs. This $2,500.00 would help get this fundraising event off the ground and alleviate some of the burden from students and their families.

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Check out of new website. http://www.murrietajazzfest.com/

by christyreichenbach
almost 4 years ago | Reply

I just voted it is easy. Sign up and vote for http://makemusic.maker.good.is/projects/MurrietaTasteValley

by gawebmaster
almost 4 years ago | Reply

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