Interactive MUSIC in our Libraries!

idea by Resounding Joy Inc.




The Idea


Let's bring generations of our community together through an INTERACTIVE music program at 15 of our local libraries! Learn about musical traditions of other cultures by actually singing, dancing, and playing instruments together. We have staff and equipment; help us come to YOUR community library.

The Specifics

"Music in YOU!" program (part of Resounding Joy Inc. 501c3) brings music to the community through educational, interactive, and intergenerational music experiences. We provide trained staff and equipment needed to bring children/parents/grand-parents together by singing, playing instruments, and actively learning musical traditions of other cultures.

Public libraries offered many enriching music/arts programs in the past - before massive budget cuts.  This funding would provide a free 60-minute interactive music session at 15 of  San Diego's Public Libraries.

Communities can come together to learn how music is truly the universal language and to how to discover The Music in YOU!

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Thanks! For past library sessions like this, Resounding Joy has been able to reach about 15-30 people PER SESSION! Think of that times 15 sessions....we'd be bringing a lot of families together in JOY and music!

by Resounding Joy Inc.
almost 4 years ago | Reply

Love the video, and all the wonderful work you do. And this is a terrific idea!

by pross
almost 4 years ago | Reply

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