Find your Special Gift through Music

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The Idea

Lullalee's signature event is Car-Ni-Fair! Car-Ni-Fair is a literacy fair in a magical setting. At Car-Ni-Fair 2012 in Orlando Florida, we will showcase young artists and provide opportunities for at risk kids to experiment with instruments to find their special gift (talent) or just have fun!

The Specifics

Our signature event “Car- Ni-Fair”- a musical storytelling fair in a carnival setting, allows children to experience music in its finest element. On 11-3-12, Car-Ni-Fair will serve at-risk kids free of charge in Orlando Fl. The outcome of our project will positively influence the children we serve in the following ways:
• Augment Music appreciation
• Engage children in fun projects
• Inspire children to dream through creative programs
• Identify and encourage children with musical talent
We plan to serve up to 2000 homeless/at risk children with free entertainment and free gifts. We plan to use the funds for decorations, gifts, tee shirts, hats and musical items allowing the children to participate, dream and believe in their talents.

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Thank you voters! We continue to move up!

by lullalee
about 2 years ago | Reply

Great Work Voters! We moved up 12 slots today...Lets keep going to #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know we can!

by lullalee
about 2 years ago | Reply

Lullalee has got my vote!!!

by StrongMagic
about 2 years ago | Reply

Thanks Robert for your support!

by lullalee
about 2 years ago | Reply

Thanks so much every vote! LA

by lullalee
about 2 years ago | Reply

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